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Zippo Entwined

Item #: 30037
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List Price: $64.95

    Availability: Discontinued
    Manufactured By: Zippo
    Item #: 30037
    Intricate rotary engraving on both front and reverse surfaces gives this Vertical Chrome lighter a subtle dimensional look.

    Many of the iconic characteristics of the classic Zippo windproof lighter are carried over in the Zippo BLU lighter, including the trademark flint wheel ignition system, rugged metal constructions, hinged lid, one-hand operation and the distinctive "click". In addition, the Zippo BLU butane lighter features sleek and contemporary designs, a signature "Z" patterned chimney, large fuel tank and quick refilling options.

    The butane-fueled Zippo BLU lighter delivers a hot, consistent, clean-burning blue flame, unlike the traditional windproof lighter which sports a yellow flame fueled by liquid lighter fluid. Made entirely in the United States, the product uses a patented two-stage burner technology that creates the blue flame.

    This genuine Zippo BLU butane lighter is packaged in a distinctive cardboard gift box with the famous Zippo lifetime guarantee.
    Item Discontinued


    This item has been discontinued and is available in limited quantities. The quantity available may not reflect the actual quantity in-stock. This item will be discontinued from the website without notice.

    You can contact us for a specific inventory count to ensure we can cover your order.

    Zippo Warranty
    The history of Zippo Manufacturing Company dates back to over 75 years ago, when a talented metal worker watched a friend awkwardly using an Austrian made cigarette lighter. The metal worker was Mr. George G. Blaisdell, and in 1932 in Bradford, Pennsylvania, Mr. Blaisdell made the first Zippo lighter. Since then Zippo has produced over 425 million Zippo lighters.
    Since 1932 Zippo has never charged a penny to repair any Zippo Windproof Pocket Lighter. When a lighter is returned to the Zippo Repair Clinic, it will be put in first-class mechanical condition free of charge, regardless of age or condition. The finish, however, is not guaranteed.
    For more information about the Zippo Repair Center please Click Here.
    USA Lighters offers engraving on all the Zippo lighters that we sell. We have the most advanced and sophisticated engraving machine in the world, which allows us to offer better engraving results at a lower price than our competitors. All engraving and personalization is performed in-house, so we have total control to ensure your order is personalized exactly to your specifications.
    Engraving is a great way to personalize your Zippo lighter – perfect for birthday gifts, groomsmen, anniversaries, retirement, corporate gifts, etc.
    Please Click Here for more information about engraving your order.